Tyler White: Life on the edge

Tyler White: Life on the edge

Tyler White, @Twiiler on instagram, is a photographer afflicted with the wanderlust we all know only too well. He travels the world shooting photos of beautiful landscapes and occasionally penguins. He may be most well known for his pictures documenting his current home Ireland, but he’s originally from South Africa. He stopped for a minute with us to discuss his love for Ireland, is favorite photos, and travelling with his Penny skateboard.

So stoked to chat with you Tyler, can you start by telling us a little bit about where you’re from and where you live now?

Well, I was born in Durban, South Africa which is along the east coast of the country. I spent most of my childhood in the ocean, I learned to bodyboard when I was about 11 and basically grew webs in between my fingers and toes after that. South Africa is such an incredible place, full of culture, wildlife and incredible people, which made it an awesome place to grow up. Then when I was 15 my family emigrated to Dublin, Ireland. It was a huge cultural change and the weather is questionable, but Ireland has grown on me a lot over the years and I’m now proud to say I live here.

Ireland looks like such a beautiful place to live, all those places you shoot look crazy! Can you talk about how that inspires you?

Ireland is one of the craziest places for sure and it constantly inspires me to get out and explore. The reason I draw so much inspiration from Ireland is down to the fact that when I first moved here I was actually kinda bummed about the move and so I shut myself off to Ireland. I would tell people back home it was a horrible place and there was nothing to see or do. When I started taking photos I decided to explore the country a little more as I couldn’t afford to go anywhere else. What I found along the famous Wild Atlantic Way absolutely blew my mind. So Ireland works as a constant reminder to get out and explore.

You travel a lot, where have been your favorite places and where are you going next?

Yeah, I have been super fortunate to be able to travel a lot with my photography, it’s actually really hard to pick favorites cause everywhere I go has something special about it, but I guess if I had to choose a top 3 they would be South Africa, Iceland and the Faroe Islands. These are the places I completely fell in love with and have been back to multiple times. Iceland is a particularly special one as it was my first ever solo photography trip, I just decided one day to pack a bag and fly out. I met up with a local photographer and the rest is history.

How’s traveling with your Penny Board?

To be honest my penny has been my best friend while traveling for a long time now. Normally on my trips I do a lot of hiking and climbing so it’s nice to just roll around every now and then. I also use it in Airport and bus/train stations a lot. On a lot of my trips I have very limited time in the cities before heading out to the middle of know where so my penny is a great way to cruise through the streets and cover more ground in a short space of time. From my experience most airports are pretty cool with penny boards as long as you don’t act a fool, so you should be good.

Tyler was nice enough to share some of his favorite photos with us and talk a little bit about them below:

We’d like to thank @Twiiler for chatting with us, you can follow him on Instagram to keep up with his travels. And as always follow us on Instagram to keep up with all of our Penny Adventures.